Web Hosting Policy.

We are providing the cheapest web hosting and we have some policy about this we are not allowed to using this hosting for spam, 18+ Content, nulled, or make any kind of spamming work. we suspend your hosting immediately.We are allowed to create a normal website. Because lots of Clients use the Cheapest Hosting in Spamming Means Create a Phishing Website or Bot Website and Do some Illegal activity and Google is sending to our IP in spam and all user is affected its this is the reason we are making a hard rule for it.

Technical Support.

We are providing Technical support 24×7. We are providing technical support only for our hosting issue if you download any script and the script is not working we are check and decide this problem is making my our hosting or script. If Hosting  Problem We solve it’s within 3-4 hours. We are Solve any kind of problem Within 24 hours Because it depends on the problem but we are trying to solve it under 30min. We are trying to solve your problem fast as soon as possible. if you buy premuim support then we are only try to solve your problem by anydesk remote system. we are not provide developer support.

Group SEO Tool Policy

DigitalAdarsh only provide refunds when our tools did not work for more than 3 days. Also, we have special conditions to give refunds to our customers. In this case, if any primary tool will not work more than 3 days, then you can initiate a refund. If any secondary tools do not work in your package, then you can complain about it via live chat, but you can not initiate a refund for that. ur customers’ information is crucial for us. We never share our user’s data with any third party company. However, we are using some tools like Google analytics which may record the user’s IP address, location, ISP details. Digital adarsh only collects the information provided by our user’s. We never store any payment details like credit card information, CVV or any other payment-related stuffs. We save the invoice supplied by the instamojo gateway. You can also check instamojo privacy policy. While using any tool, remember the tool can record your data and other stuff. only allow one ISP / IP per user (Dynamic IPs allowed), You can not use one account on your home and office. You have to purchase multiple accounts for multiple ISPs / IPs. Also, VPNs, RDPs are strictly prohibited. If you violate these terms, you will be banned permanently from Seo Tool Adda. However, we allow users to report mistake and counter-reviews. You can request a manual review from Live Chat section. It may Take 3-4 Days maximum

URL Shortner Website Or Other Design and Development Services.


We Provide you better and best Service after complete order we not provide refund it’s means if you buy urlshortner website then we make complete and also give you some day to check this after some day if want we refund your money then not possible.


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